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Welcome to the redesigned nowCOAST website.   nowCOAST has been enhanced to offer improved access to its nationwide database of real-time observations and NOAA forecast products.

In addition to modifications made to the design and layout of the map viewer, nowCOAST now includes a separate 'Databrowser' application that keeps a record of observation/forecast sites that you've linked to during your session. The Databrowser allows you to browse through this link history to be able to compare forecast or observation data at different locations within a single browser window. More information about using the Databrowser can be found in the 'Help' section.

About the nowCOAST 'Info Depot':
The Info Depot allows you to access the latest news, get information about current updates, look-up an unfamiliar acronym in our glossary of terms, learn about our partners, browse through our help pages, and e-mail your comments/suggestions about nowCOAST. The three main sections of the Info Depot (About nowCOAST, Regional Links, and Help) each contain several sub-sections with more specific information related to nowCOAST.

Use the buttons at the top of the page to navigate betweeen sections.

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